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You'll never catch me, Marshall!
El Mustachio Grande
Wild west island.png
Released 2011
Preceded By Cryptids Island
Succeeded By Wimpy Wonderland


Wild West Island is the 17th island in Poptropica. It was released to free players on March 11, 2011. In the video where Jeff Kinney tells us the release of Cryptids, in the background can be seen a poster of this island. See Daily Pop on Poptropica to see sneak peeks, it also came with the Cowboy, Lawman, and Peacemaker outfits for it's release.


Common Room

The Common Room on Wild West Island is the Dusty Gulch Hotel.


  • The Poptropica creators released a video in 2010 on YouTube explaining Cryptids Island. However, you could see a sign that said "Wild West Island" in the back. This video was created four months prior to the Island, so it hinted what was to come.
Wild west island.png
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