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Water Run is a minigame featured on Reality TV Island.


The objective of this game is to fill your large water jug up to 100% before the others. You must move back and forth with a small water jug from the waterfall to the large water jug, where your water is stored. The first player that gets to 100% wins immunity and is safe from elimination for the night. There are obstacles, too, such as platforms which you must hop over and on top of before you can get past them, and a wild boar that runs back and forth. If you crash into the boar, then you get knocked down: losing time and the water in the jug you carry. Also, if your jug is filled to the top, don't jump around too much as your water spills out a little bit. Make upright, even jumps over the platforms.


Some poptropicans collecting water and bringing it back.

After pouring water into their large jugs, the poptropicans running back to the waterfall.