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  Water Bucket
Water Bucket.png
Island Early Poptropica Island
Scene Giant Garden
File item1.swf
Type Static

The Water Bucket is a stolen item found in the Giant Garden scene on Early Poptropica Island. It was previously owned by a Pilgrim, presumably the Engineer, but was stolen (possibly by the Purple Giant).


While there is no use button, the Pilgrims need the water bucket to draw water from their well. The giant could have also used the bucket to water his garden.


After getting past the Purple Giant, you find a giant garden. At the end of the scene, you'll find the bucket sitting near some giant vegetables and fruits. One you get back down to the ground level, you can give the bucket back to the Engineer, and he will set it next to himself.


  • The water bucket is the first item to be uploaded to Poptropica's item folder.
  • The water bucket looks full of water before you take it to the Pilgrims.
  • It is purveyed that the bucket was stolen by the Purple Giant, as it is found in his garden.
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