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Released 2012
Preceded By S.O.S Island
Succeeded By Twisted Thicket


Vampire's Curse Island is the 25th Island released on Poptropica.

Plot Synopsis

For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village, and the vampire who lives in the castle high above. Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager. Can you rescue her from his evil clutches—and avoid being struck by the vampire's curse?

First 10 Finishers

  1. Silver Sea
  2. Shiny Star
  3. Bony Skull
  4. Moody Coyote
  5. Incredible Peanut
  6. Hyper Flame
  7. Crazy Coyote
  8. Magic Panda
  9. Bashful Fish
  10. Tall Flame



  • Log
  • Teen Vampire Novel
  • Crowbar
  • Glass Eye
  • Armory Key
  • Crossbow
  • Bucket
  • Garlic
  • Wilted Wolfsbane
  • Count Bram's Notebook
  • Root Causes (book; optional)
  • Mandrake Root
  • Anti-Vampirisim Serum
  • Cage Key
  • Medallion


Main Street

  • Cliffs
  • Castle grounds
  • Mausoleum
  • Castle entrance
  • Laboratory
  • Great hall
  • Armoury
  • Count's chamber
  • Castle towers
  • Common room



Vampire's Curse Island trailer


  • It takes about 20 seconds for a candle to burn out.
  • The Mandrake Root, one of the ingredients in the Anti-Vampirism Serum, is a mythical plant that supposedly screams when pulled out of the soil, and has mystical healing powers.
  • Wilted Wolfsbanes, another ingredient in the Anti-Vampirism Serum, is actually similar to Garlic in terms of being the weakness of creatures of the night, except for the fact that Wilted Wolfsbane is the weakness of the werewolf, not the vampire. 
  • Count Bram is named after Bram Stoker, the writer of Dracula.
  • Outside the castle, there are gravestones that read to be that of "Mr. Renfield" and "Lucy Westernra". Both of them are characters from the novel "Dracula".
Items Anti-Vampirism Serum | Armory Key | Bucket | Cage Key | Count Bram's Notebook | Crossbow | Crowbar | Garlic | Glass Eye | Island Medallion | Log | Mandrake Root | Root Causes Book | Teen Vampire Novel | Wilted Wolfsbane
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