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This is a community-written walkthrough for Time Tangled Island. Feel free to revise and add helpful information!

Main Street

Arrive at Main Street on Time Tangled island. Go to the right and talk to the crying lady scientist. She will tell you to come inside Pendulum's lab. Go into Pendulum's lab and from there, go down and push the plug together. Then jump up and enter the time machine.

Possible Future

You will be in Possible Future​, a bad future with smog and ruined buildings everywhere. Go to the left and meet your future self. Talk to him/her and he/she will give you a Time Device to travel back in time. Click on the icon in the lower left of your screen to use the Time Device.

The Great Wall of China

First go here. They need a stone bowl, they have an amulet and some gunpowder. In the Great Wall of China time period, go to the far right to get the Gunpowder, then climb up in the construction zone, go right, and talk to the man sitting down. He has the Amulet. Beat his memory game and he'll give it to you.

The Vikings Period

They need an amulet, they have a gold vase. Go to the Vikings period. First, give the amulet from The Great Wall of China to the Viking. Then go up to the sealed cave and click on it to use the Gunpowder and blow up the rocks so you can enter. The next part is a timed maze game. You have to navigate the cave and find the vase before your torch burns out. Be careful around the puddles of water. Get the Gold Vase at the end.

Ancient Greece

They need a gold vase, they have a Phonograph. Give the gold vase to the Greek guards, then jump on the roof of the first building you see and you'll find a Phonograph.

Menlo Park, New Jersey

They need a phonograph, they have a sun stone piece. Go to Edison's Workshop and go inside the workshop. In there, find Thomas Edison and give him the Phonograph. Then go back outside, go to the left and find the cart. Click on the wheel to make it move and follow it until it stops. Then, jump from the cart to the tree and from the tree to the top of the building. The Sun Stone Piece is up there on one of the chimneys.

Aztec Empire

They need a sun stone piece, they have a pair of goggles. Once you're in the Aztec Empire, go to the right, pass the warriors trying to attack you and go up the pyramid to the king. Give him the Sun Stone Piece. Then, go to the pyramid on the right and talk to the old man at the top. He'll give you a Warrior Mask. Put it on, then talk to the warrior wearing the Goggles who will no longer attack you. He'll give the goggles to you.

Mount Everest

They need a pair of goggles, they have a statue model. Go to the Mount Everest time period and climb the mountain until you find Edmund Hillary. Give him his Goggles and continue climbing up the mountain. You will eventually get to the top, and once you done it, you will find the small study model of the Statue of Liberty.

Construction of the Statue of Liberty

They need a statue model, they have a notebook. In the Statue of Liberty time period, enter the construction house that says "Gaget, Gauthier et Cie", find Bartholdi and give him the Statue of Liberty model. Now, go to the top of the Liberty structure and jump to the left. You will land on one of to ledges. The Notebook will be on the lower one.

Da Vinci's workshop

They need a notebook, they have the Peace Medal. Go to Da Vinci's WorkShop and go up to the pulley system and jump onto the highest platform. Wait until it goes all the way down, then jump onto the lowest one. Then, jump to the right, and grab the Peace Medal hanging underneath the wooden deck. Be warned - patience here is key, as it can take lots of tries to get the peace medal. Now, go up to Leo's Workshop. Once in there, find Leonardo da Vinci and return to him his Notebook. He will reward you with a Glider, but you don't need it to complete this island.

Lewis & Clark's Expidition

They need the Peace Medal, they have a stone bowl. In the Lewis and Clark time period, give Lewis the Peace Medal. Before you leave, go to the top of the tree where a beaver has the Stone Bowl and is popping in and out of the tree. To grab it, jump on the beaver in the moment he's about to peek out or catch him while he's going back in his hiding spot.

Mali Empire

They need a bag of salt rocks, they have the Declaration draft. Avoiding the snakes, go inside of the Timbuktu Inn and talk to the document man. He will notice that you don´t have any money so he will ask if you can piece together a puzzle. Do it and you'll get the Declaration of Independence draft.

The Graff House

They need the Declaration draft, they have a bag of salt rocks. In The Graff House, go inside the building and give Thomas Jefferson the Declaration of Independence draft. After that, go to the top of the building and get the Salt Rocks that are on the chimney.

Repairing the Last Two Times

Now you just have to return to the times that aren't repaired and give the items to the people who need the items. First, go to the Chinese time period and climb up the construction. then go to the left. Give the man the stone bowl. Now, go to the Mali Empire, go to the top, and give the man the bag of salt.

Mission Accomplished

Return to the lab, turn on the future machine again and go inside. You will find yourself in the future, but it is different then before. Make your way up the buildings, using the monorails and the floating platforms and enter the house, where you will meet your future self again. He will give you the Island Medallion! Congrats!!!

Bonus Item!

Go to the Vikings period and climb up the small mountain. Using the Glider that Leonardo da Vinci gave you, jump to the right and you'll glide through the air. Land on the other platform and you will find the Viking Suit.