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Something terrible has happened, and now the future is in peril!
—Female lab worker
Time tangled island.png
Released 2007
Preceded By Shark Tooth Island
Succeeded By 24 Carrot Island


Time Tangled Island is the 3rd island released on Poptropica. It was converted to the SUI engine on 11 November 2013.


A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It's your job to go back in time to set things right in this online virtual world. Because if you don't, who knows what the future will hold?

Common room

Viking Suit

The Viking Suit is seen on the Big Gray Rock Slope, you can get it by using the Glider.


Time Tangled Main Theme


Time Tangled Island went through many preliminary changes before release, possibly originally being called Fact Monster Adventure. While this timeline isn't completely clear, there is a substantial amount of evidence pointing to an initial Fact Monster-centric experience. In the original AS2 version of Time Tangled, floating bubbles scattered throughout the quest link to relevant Fact Monster articles. The code has many remnants of a Fact Monster island quest, involving the Time Device; much of this island has been deleted. Another line of code in the Home scene suggests that if the island is FactMonster, then a "HomeFM" screen should display.

After Fact Monster Island was forgotten, the name of the quest was still prone to change; going from Time Travel to Time Twisted and even allegedly "Time Lapse Island" before eventually landing on Time Tangled Island. Time Twisted Island is the most famous of the three concept names, not only appearing in promotional images but also still remains in the Lost Greek Warrior's dialogue. Time Twisted Island even has two concept logos that were both live on the Poptropica website before release.


  • Time Tangled Island was originally called Time Twisted Island.
  • Time Tangled Island is updated every year as the "Lab" setting of the time machine must reflect the present year.
  • Time Tangled Island is the first Poptropica island to feature sound (when you play the Phonograph).
  • You get to travel back in time and see people from as far back as 0328 BC on this island. In Early Poptropica Island it is said that the Pilgrims, who were the first to settle in Poptropica, only settled in 1982, making this a continuity error.
  • When you get out of your blimp on the sand there's a little red crab. You click on him, and he does this movement as if he's squeezing into a ball, but then he gets back to his normal position. Now, click on him several times until he explodes. Then it gathers back into the original form, so you can do it again and again. 
  • Once you gave the people who climb Mount Everest the goggles, you used to be able go back to the Aztec Empire and get the goggles again.
  • Time Tangled Island was the third Beta island and the second to be converted from non-Beta to Beta.



Time tangled island.png
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