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The Key Ingredient and the interrelated mural within Shark Tooth's Ancient Ruins' Temple Treasure Room.

The Temple Treasure Room is a hidden location within the Ancient Ruins on Shark Tooth Island. This is also the third and last room within the Ancient Ruins.


As you enter the room, a vine allows you to climb down to the main hall. Carved upon the walls are a mural summarizing what must be done in the island's quest: The Great Booga is terrorizing the island's inhabitants, and you must gather 3 ingredients to calm it down into a great sleep. Waiting upon a pedestal is the Key Ingredient, needed to create the Calming Potion.


  • Once you exit from the left side, after climbing up the vine and clicking to leave the scene, you will find yourself on Main street; you can now access the Temple Treasure Room any time from a small sand pit hole in between the Shark Fin Vendor and the trash barrel full of coconuts.
  • It is unknown how long The Great Booga has been wreaking havoc at Shark Tooth Island's shores, but considering the ancient carvings, it can be assumed Great Booga Sharks have been attacking for a very long time.
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