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  Space Sharks (named)
Island(s) Astro-Knights Island
Character Type Enemy
Gender Unknown

Space Sharks are massive mechanical sharks that "swim" in the atmosphere around the Ice Planet.


It appears that the space sharks have very few weaknesses, one of which is that they cannot withstand the pull of a Black Hole. Aside from that, the space sharks are also rather slow as compared to your spaceship and will give up chasing you if you fly too far ahead.


Role In Astro-Knights Island

The three space sharks guard Ice Planet, and you cannot land there until the area is rid of them. According to the spaceship databank, the sharks are practically indestructable, so your lasers will not defeat them.You must lure them into the Black Hole in order to destroy them.

Role In Poptropica Adventures

Space Sharks made an appearance in a minigame in the Poptropica Adventures game. They chase you throughout space on Astro-Knights Island.

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