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Don't you know that a good captain always goes down with his ship?
Captain Boomer
SOS Island.png
Released 2012
Preceded By Ghost Story Island
Succeeded By Vampire's Curse Island


S.O.S Island is the 24th island released on Poptropica.

First 10 Finishers

  1. Sneaky Foot
  2. Silver Runner
  3. Smart Berry
  4. Nervous Thunder
  5. Slippery Beetle
  6. Slippery Spider
  7. Small Sponge
  8. Zippy Leopard
  9. Wild Cheetah
  10. Sticky Peanut


  • You
  • The Assistant Captain
  • The Lifeboat Red-headed Girl
  • The Lifeboat Black Girl
  • The Lifeboat Boy
  • Captain Boomer
  • The Surveillance Video Guy
  • The Surveillance Video Shark
  • Ishmael (Whale Lover)
  • Ishmael's Sister
  • The Money Man
  • Rescue Iceberg Girl
  • Rescue Iceberg Boy
  • Ballroom Singer (Starbuck)
  • The Mechanic (Stubb)
  • The Cook (Flask)
  • White Whale
  • The Colossal Crabs
  • The Jellyfish
  • The Helmet Squids
  • The Barracudas
  • The Narwhals
  • The Stingrays


  • Whale Song Gadget
  • Pipe Wrench
  • S.O.S Island Medallion
  • Deep Water Hazmat Suit (For Members Only)

Special Items

  • Sonar Power (Members Only)
  • Fishing Pole (Members Only)
  • Sea Captain (Members Only) (Limited Time,Only Available During Early Access)


  • Shipwreck
  • Rescue Camp
  • Hallway
  • Bridge
  • Ballroom
  • Boiler
  • Galley



The S.O.S Island Trailer


  • The Island is partially based off of the Titanic, as well as the book Moby Dick.
  • The island is named after the distress call.
  • The White Whale is largely based off of Moby Dick from the book of the same name, being a large white whale resembling a sperm whale that the Captain hates.
  • Captain Boomer is a reference to the character Captain Boomer from Moby Dick, a captain of another ship besides the Pequod who has also encountered Moby Dick. In comparison to the book, Captain Boomer acts more like the character Captain Ahab. However, at the end, the White Whale saves the Captain, while Moby Dick kills Captain Ahab.
  • The Ship itself is a reference to the book, Moby Dick, bearing the same name as the ship in the book.
  • The S.S. Pequod is also a reference to the Titanic, being a large ship that rams into an iceberg, causing it to sink.
  • S.O.S Island was released in 2012, exactly 100 years after the Titanic sank.
  • The release of this island fell ironically close to the date of the Costa Concordia incident, in which a large cruise ship did in fact sink, with several fatalities.
  • Four characters in the Island have the same names as some characters in the book Moby Dick. They are:
    • Ishmael, the whale lover, has the same name as the main character in the book Moby Dick.
    • The ballroom singer (Starbuck) has the same name as the chief mate of the Pequod in the book Moby Dick.
    • The mechanic of the ship, Stubb, has the same name as the second mate in the book Moby Dick.
    • The cook's name is Flask, which in the book Moby Dick is the name of the third mate of the ship.
  • The Common Room (Daggoo's Fish Market) on this Island is named after one of the main harpooners in the book Moby Dick.

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