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Ready to start the show?
—Helicopter escort
Released February 24, 2010 (members-only)
March 24, 2010 (everyone)
Preceded By Counterfeit Island
Succeeded By Mythology Island


Reality TV Island is the 11th island released on Poptropica which based on the hit reality TV show, Survivor.[1] The island was released on February 24, 2010[2] for Members and March 24, 2010[3] for non-members.

To complete the island, player has to compete against 7 different people - some who are characters from previous islands, others who are new- with 7 different challenges, in order to be a hero of the player's hometown (Wayside Town).


  • Standing on top of the helicopter blades will cause your Poptropican to spin around.
  • Sometimes an NPC will vote for themselves to be kicked off.
  • This island was announced on September 23, 2008, and it was supposed to come out after Nabooti and Big Nate islands. However, for unknown reasons, the island was postponed. After many delays, the island was finally released on February 24, 2010.
  • The TV show is a parody of "Survivor", in which a bunch of adults would go through camping tasks, and at the end of every day, someone would be voted off.
  • In November 2015, a World Champions Map was opened for this island, and first-time finishers would get 200 credits instead of 150.


Winning Reality TV island.



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