Papa Pete's Pizza


Papa Pete's Pizza is a pizza company on Reality TV Island. It is based off of Papa John's Pizza in real life.

You must call 555-PETE (555-7383) to reach the Pizza service and asked for a small plain pizza. To make the call, use the phone in the motel office to call the Pizza guys, although the person who was going to deliver the pizza was a young adult woman (that came immediately).

Exit the motel office and go outside and talk to the pizza lady. She will hand you a Pizza, which you have to give to Bucky Lucas in room 4B.

While you're crawling through the Fort Savini Tunnel, you'll see a Papa Pete's Pizza delivery car with its dash lights on. It's piled up on top of other cars.

A Papa Pete's Pizza flyer can be seen in the trash along with the Poptop!cs magazine from Reality TV Island.


  • The motel manager was mentioned to have stiffed them a tip once.
  • You can customize the pizza later if you save it to your closet before handing it to Bucky Lucas.
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