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Island(s) Mythology Island
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Pan ghost in the Labyrinth.

Pan is a Satyr on Mythology Island and the Greek god of the wild. In Mythology Island, he is featured as the ghost of a dead satyr. He lives in the Labyrinth. He will help you with the bone puzzle by giving you an ominous clue - "Remember, there is more than one way to read the bones", hinting to use the bones to spell out the word "TEN".


  • Pan being located in the Labyrinth might be a reference to the 2006 Mexican-Spanish dark fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth.
  • Pan, being a god, is much larger than most satyrs.
  • In the Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, Pan died in the Labyrinth. Which might be why his ghost is in there.
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