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After the stores have closed and the shoppers have all gone home, the mall is your playground. But are you alone on the night watch... or is someone watching you? From escaped animals to creeping cat burglars, get ready to find out what really happens after hours!
—Poptropica Promo
Released 2013
Main Theme Mall after hours
Preceded By Zomberry Island
Succeeded By Back Lot Island


Night Watch Island is the 33rd Island on Poptropica. In it, you must join the night watch at Twin Palms Mall and find out what happens after hours.


  • The common room on Night Watch island, "Bananabees", is a reference to the real-life restaurant, Applebees.
  • The store In The Now may be a reference to Hot Topic.
  • There are many references to the movie, Back to the Future.
    • The car in the parking lot on Night Watch Island is, in fact, a DeLorean, a reference to the sports car time-machine from the Back to the Future movies.
    • The Twin Palms Mall is another reference. In the first Back to the Future movie, Marty McFly meets Doc Brown at the Twin Pines Mall before zooming back to 1955 in the DeLorean. In 1955, he knocks over a tree and when he returns to 1985 it is renamed the Lone Pine mall.
    • In Slugger's Authentic Keepsakes, the magazine rack holds a 1950-2000 sports almanac, like the one Marty finds in an antique shop in the second Back to the Future movie.
    • The time on the Twin Palms Mall sign, saying 9:02 pm, is yet another reference to Back to the Future.
  • Preston Wilhelm, owner of PrintFax (which is another reference), is driving a Dorf Bean 2, which is a reference to both Ford (the real-life automobile company) and the Dorf Bean found on Zomberry Island.
  • PrintFax is a reference both in its name and logo to FedEx (a real life photo copying and package sending company).
  • The scooter you get to ride on is similar to a Segway.
  • Inside the store, Sluggers, there are pennants that have references to other Poptropican islands:
  • On one of the shelves insider the store, Sluggers, you can see Wilson the volleyball from Shark Tooth Island. The funny thing is Wilson is a reference to a volleyball of the same name from the movie, Cast Away.
  • On the front window of the store, No Pain No Gain, you can see an ad for Sports Nectar, which is a reference to Cryptids Island.
  • Good Deals is a reference both in its name and logo to Best Buy (a real life electronics and appliance store).
  • The store, Crawlmart, may be a reference to Wal-Mart.
  • Inside the store, Carnival Costume, you can see many references to other islands, they will be listed below:
  • There is a Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop, from Zomberry Island, in Twin Palms Mall, now with oranges.
  • At the end of the island, Preston Wilhelm says "I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for this meddling security guard!", which is a Scooby Doo reference.
  • The employee of the month at the mall is the training robot that gets destroyed in your act of stupidity.
  • The way the fans push you up in the ventilation system is similar to the fans in the vents in 24 Carrot Island.
  • The theme of riding segways and stopping crime at a mall after is closes could be a reference to the Mall Cop movie, and the whole "after hours" thing could be based off of the movie Night at the Museum.
  • If you look at the TVs in Good Deals, you can see the show on it is from Reality TV Island.
  • If you are inside a store and you look at the security camera footage of the same store, strangely, you cannot see yourself.
  • You can have have a Free Hat on the Hat-o-matic and it can be a hat of your tribe


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