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  Nabooti Totem (named)
Island(s) Nabooti Island
Character Type Friend
Gender Unknown

The Nabooti Totem is a totem pole-like alien which came to Africa many years ago. In Nabooti Island, it appears in the Nabooti African Museum, missing the majority of its gems.


The Nabooti Totem resembles a clay statue of a tall, thin African person with large earrings. There are empty slots on its elongated chest where the Nabooti Jewels should go. It has glowing green eyes which remain closed if it loses any of his jewels.

The Nabooti Totem can speak English and is able to travel through space and levitate.


The Nabooti Totem was a peaceful space traveler who presumably crash landed on the Earth many years ago, and in the process, lost it's power sources. It was worshipped as some sort of a sacred deity by the people of Nabooti.

The Nabooti Totem is the driving force behind the island's quest. The point of the quest is to restore the lost jewels of Nabooti to the totem. After you place them in the right order, power will be restored to the totem and the totem will reveal itself to be an alien and escape back into deep space.

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