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  Nøkken (named)
Island(s) Twisted Thicket
Character Type Enemy
Gender Unknown

The Nøkken is a creature in Twisted Thicket. It lives in the Bioluminescent Bog.


The Nøkken is a coyote-like creature. It has the form of a wolf-like creature with leaf-like flaps around its throat and similar flaps around the rest of its body.

The Nøkken can turn invisible, leaving behind only blood-red paw prints. It can also swim and climb (though when it is climbing a vine it looks as though it is simply standing on it sideways). It can somehow cause you to restart when it pounces on you but it is unknown what it does to you.


Role in Twisted Thicket

The Nøkken is a mysterious creature that lives in the Bioluminescent Bog in Twisted Thicket. When the player enters the bog, the Nøkken is seen on top of an old, scratched sign that reads "Beware of Nøkken". The creature then wakes up, spots the Poptropican and turns invisible. A set of red paw prints then begins to trail away from the sign, leading through the bog. The player must now get across the bog while avoiding the Nøkken several times.



  • In the trailer, the sign the Nøkken sleeps on has a green paw print, but in the game, the paw print is red.
  • The Nøkken is a powerful and deceptive water demon in Scandinavian folklore with shape-shifting abilities.
  • The Nøkken's eyelids open sideways.
  • When standing, the Nøkken appears to have two claws on each foot. However, it is seen with three claws any other point of time, as the other claw is hidden due to the angle.
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