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Foolish mortal! How dare you trespass in my realm!
Mythology island.png
Released 2010
Preceded By Reality TV Island
Succeeded By Skullduggery Island


Mythology Island is the 12th island on Poptropica, featuring Greek gods and mythical creatures.


Mythology Island/Walkthrough

In the story, your poptropican finds a golden apple. Unfortunately, Zeus suddenly appears, angry at the player for attempting to take the apple of immortality. The player apologizes quickly; Zeus says he will grant them immortality, but they have to perform a series of tasks for him or all of Poptropica will be in danger.

After gathering all five objects for Zeus, the player asks for immortality. Zeus then laughs, saying how he was lying the whole time and would wield the five sacred items to rule all of poptropica. With the help of Poseidon, Hades, Athena and Hercules, your poptropican battles Zeus atop Mount Olympus and you reclaim the five items. Poptropica is saved!


Mythology island, seen from one of the latest map updates

Common Room

Charon, the ferryman of the Underworld.

The Common Room on Mythology Island is the Midas' Gym.

Zeus, the God Of The Sky and Thunder. He's the main antagonist in the island.

The Hydra, whom's whiskers you need for one of the sacred items.

The five sacred objects.


  • This island was released around the time a movie about the Greek gods, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, was released.
  • Although the island is inspired by Greek myths, Hercules is called by his Roman name, not his Greek name, which is Heracles, most likely because Hercules is far better known.
  • Many of the characters appear to be combinations of ancient people with more modern concepts. For example, the girls in Herc's Hero Hut talk like many modern teenagers, even saying "OMZ," the trees are decorated with peoples names written up with others, and the gods on the beach of Poseidon's realm act like surfers.
  • Some characters change drastically from their portrayal in the myths. In legend, the Minotaur was bestial and could not speak, Hercules was a remorseful rather than arrogant man, and Cerberus, the three-headed dog in the Underworld, supposedly had snake tails. Also, the Minotaur is portrayed as seemingly the owner of the Labyrinth, however, the myths say he was trapped inside it as a prisoner.
  • Super Villain Island was made as a sequel to the island, where Zeus is the main antagonist once again...
  • The teenagers in Herc's Hero Hut, when you click on them, will say 'OMZ!', a parody of the popular exclamation 'OMG!'
  • The Mythology Island trailer is currently the most popular video on the Poptropica Creators Youtube channel, with over 2 million views.
  • The Museum can help you answer Aphrodite's quiz, in which you need to spell out the names of the Greek Gods.
  • After you're done, a few things can't be done anymore, like the Hydra, since, well, it's fast asleep. You can visit the Temples of Hades and Poseidon again if you want. Poor Hercules remains a statue forever.
  • Mythology Island most likely takes place in 200 A.D, during the real Ancient Greek eras.
  • One of the snakes from the Garden of Immortality can be seen hanging in the Trophy Room in Survival episode 4: Cabin Fever.
  • Midas's Gym common room is actually based off of a person in Greek Mythology, whom's touch could turn anything to gold. That may explain why parts of the building is made from it.
  • Hercules says, "Watch and learn, grasshopper" before he smashes the lock on the gates to Mount Olympus. It is unclear who he's talking to -- the player, or the grasshopper on the ground. Hopefully it's the later.
  • The golden thread that Athena gives the player to help guide them through the Labyrinth is actually Ariadne's string, from the Greek myths. The stories say she gave it to Theseus, the son of King Aegeus, along with a sword.
  • In actuality, it would be impossible for Medusa to ever turn Hercules to stone, simply because they were living in different timelines.
  • In the old myths, if you were dead, you had to pay Charon one silver coin for him to ferry you across the river to go to the Underworld, where you then lived for eternity. If you couldn't get across, you would have to remain on the human side of the world as a ghost. Because of this, people in the Greek times would bury the dead with one silver coin to pay for the trip.


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