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Mordred's Hideout was a secret bunker used by Mordred to hide from the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Arturus after he escaped from his prison cell through a secret tunnel.

Role In Astro-Knights Island

Mordred's Hideout is where Mordred escaped imprisonment in the dungeon and continued his work, but when the King and Queen found out where he was hiding, Mordred escaped into space using a spacecraft he had not yet finished. You later discover his hideout during the events of Astro-Knights Island. There is a tunnel in the hideout leading into an underground dungeon in the castle, in which you must use to access the fuel rod.

Role In Super Villain Island

Mordred's hideout is apparently a huge mess in the Binary Bard's mind. If you click on a torn portrait of Mordred, your Poptropican will say, "I think this is when Mordred started to fall into madness." There are multiple rooms to Mordred's hideout in the Binary Bard's dream.The doors leading in and out of the rooms open and close at extreme speeds and you must use the Stopwatch to freeze time at the exact moments to get through. There are also blueprints on the wall of Merlin and the Mechanical Mouse that will come to life and attack you.


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