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  Leonardo da Vinci (named)
I'm an artist and inventor, but I've lost something important to me!
Island(s) Early Poptropica Island
Time Tangled Island
Other appearances Pop Quiz
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Leonardo da Vinci was an multi-skilled artist and architect who created iconic paintings such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. In Poptropica, he appears two times as a character. On Early Poptropica Island, you will find him in the Pop Art building on Main Street. You can talk to him, and ask about his life. On Time Tangled Island, he has lost his notebook, which you must retrieve. This is a result of a time machine malfunction.


Leonardo in Early Poptropica Island is friendly and is not afraid to tell you about his life. With brown clothes and a brown hat, he smiles with wide eyes and eagerly waits for a new visitor. He holds a paintbrush with purveys his artist status. Leonardo on Time Tangled Island is in distress, until you return his notebook. He has the same clothes, and is still friendly as before.


Role on Early Poptropica Island

You will find Leonardo inside the Pop Art building on Main Street of Early Poptropica Island, residing on the third floor. if prompted, he will answer questions you ask about him, such as You can also view his painting, The Last Supper, on the wall on the bottom floor.

Role on Time Tangled Island

Due to an unspecified time anomaly, Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook with sketches of his inventions was teleported to a high window ledge in 1882 AD during the early creation of the Statue of Liberty. When you return it to him, he will thank you by giving you a Glider, which is a prototype of one of his inventions.


  • He is the first Poptropican to appear on two islands.
  • Leonardo da Vinci is mentioned numerous times during the underground tour in Counterfeit Island.
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