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  Jordan Leary
Job designer on Poptropica
Alias Dr. Hare

Jordan Leary is a designer on Poptropica. His Avatar on Poptropica is Dr. Hare.

On Poptropica

Jordan Leary is the leader of front end programming,animation and visual effects. Shortly after Poptropica was created by Jeff Kinney, Jordan Leary was employed there. Jordan Leary and Jeff were very independent and did not have many other employees who worked for them. He and Jeff decided that Poptropica needed a villain, so Jeff Kinney drew one up and named him Dr. Hare. Jordan shortly after programmed Dr. Hare to life and made him his Poptropica Avatar.

Job On Poptropica

On Poptropica Jordan would go to daily meetings with Jeff. Then once Jeff presented his drawings to the staff, he would photograph them. Then he uploaded them to the computer, and adjusted them to fit Poptropica. Then he would code the adjusted photos and spread them out across a distance (you will learn about this process in the Media Wiki Coding Lessons). Then the developers place them where needed and he makes sure they are animated properly.

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