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Island Time Tangled Island
Scene Da Vinci's Workshop
Type Equippable

The Glider is given to you by Leonardo da Vinci for returning his notebook to him on Time Tangled Island. It allows you to glide over longer distances than you could normally jump, and like the Jet Pack or Chameleon Suit, it is not allowed on other islands. It works similarly to the balloons on Counterfeit Island.



  • It is not essential to the quest in Time Tangled Island, but it's helpful when you're reaching for the Peace Medal located in Leonardo da Vinci's time period.
  • It is necessary to help you reach the optional Viking Suit. To obtain the Viking Suit, you must travel to the Viking time period, equip the Glider, and stand on the edge of the ledge above the cave entrance. Then jump to the right and steer yourself so that you land on a ledge with the Viking Suit.
  • It is not usable on other islands.
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