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  Giant Spider
Island(s) Early Poptropica Island
Character Type Enemy
Gender Unknown

The Giant Spider is a giant green spider who steals and guards the Prized Porker on Early Poptropica Island.


The spider will charge at you without any thought, and doesn’t show many other personality traits. It is giant, almost as tall as a poptropican, and twice as wide. It is green, possibly due to the radioactive green goo in barrels down in the sewers. It has eight legs and four eyes, with visible mandibles.


While it’s story is not completely told, you can purvey from the appearance in the island that it stole the Prized Porker from the Pilgrims. It then took it down into the Pit, where it guards it. In its appearance, it scuttles back and forth on the bottom of the Pit. It will harm you if you touch it, but won’t automatically pursue you unless you go near the Prized Porker. You must avoid it and save the pig.


The sewer spider is an iconic poptropican creature, appearing in the PopTopics: Scary Monsters book, and being mentioned in the Poptropica Mad Libs book.

In PopTopics: Scary Monsters, the monster put in the ‘Giant Spiders’ category of creature. Its mentions follow:

In Early Poptropica, the Giant Spider is a pig thief.
PopTopics: Scary Monsters, page 56
The one in Early Poptropica Island is green and lives in the sewers.
PopTopics: Scary Monsters, page 57

It can be mentioned in Common Rooms while chatting with other players.



  • The Giant Spider was assumed to be a pig thief before being confirmed in the PopTopics: Scary Monsters book.
  • The Giant Spider’s size and color may be attributed to the suspicious looking barrels with green goo oozing out of them.
  • It seems to possess a certain degree of intelligence seeing as how it was able to steal the Prized Porker from the Pilgrims.
  • The eight-legged spider can be mentioned in Common Rooms while chatting with other players.
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