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  Christopher (named)
Island(s) Vampire's Curse Island
Character Type Enemy
Gender Male

Christopher is Katya's boyfriend on Vampire's Curse Island. He was a minor character until the events of Vampire's Curse Island's bonus quest. His current fate is unknown.


Christopher is shown to be indifferent about his girlfriend, Katya, only taking an interest to her because of her looks. He is also cowardly and selfish, as shown in the bonus quest when he bites you to escape.


Role In Vampire's Curse Island

When you enter the forest, Christopher is sitting on a rock. You ask him what happened and he explains Count Bram took Katya away before he could do anything. You ask if he is going to save her, but he says there are lots of more cute girls in town, and he goes home.

Later after you help Bram, Christopher comes back to "save" Katya, and they do a spit-like kiss. Then you say "sheesh".

Role in Vampire's Curse Island Bonus Quest

The truth's out, Christopher was transformed into a vampire by Count Bram! When a vampire hunter appears to kill him, he bites you and turns you into a vampire to distract him. You must dodge arrows shot by the vampire hunter, Cactus Von Garlic, and find the cure to save yourself. He is never seen again after this, though it is presumed that he had been cured, possibly by Katya.


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