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  Charlie Bucket (named)
Really?! Could it be? We found a golden ticket!
Island(s) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Charlie Bucket is one of the main protagonists on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Charlie comes from a very poor family, and is poor himself. Despite this, he has a good heart. In the factory, he was the only kid that didn't goof off and run away. Because of this, he ran into no trouble unlike the rest. He is so kind, Willy Wonka deemed him worthy of running his factory, increasing his wealth.

He is dressed in ragtag clothes, wearing a crumpled tan jacket over a stained and ripped blue sweater. His hair is pale yellow and very messy. His skin is very pale and he has sunken eyes, making him appear sick. Despite this, he wears a big smile on his face.


Role In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie first appears outside the convenience store wishing he had enough money to buy a Wonka bar. After you get him a coin from a payphone, he asks you to unwrap the chocolate bar for him. This reveals a Golden Ticket, which grants him entrance to Willy Wonka's legendary chocolate factory. The townspeople then began to chase him in an attempt to get the ticket but you stall them long enough for him to get home. The next day, you find an extra Golden Ticket and are granted entrance into the factory as well. As soon as the children enter, they begin misbehaving. Willy Wonka then sends you to get his cane and takes Charlie away so they could "talk". Near the end of the island, Charlie and Willy Wonka are seen in the Chocolate Room and Willy Wonka claims that he is going to grant ownership of the factory to either you or Charlie. At this moment, the block of chocolate earth Charlie is standing on breaks off and floats down the Chocolate River. Willy Wonka gives you a choice to either save Charlie or keep the factory for yourself. If you choose the latter, he will get the Oompa-Loompas to chase you into the salt mines. If you choose the former you must journey across the chocolate river and save Charlie, after which you will receive the medallion and Charlie proceeds to take ownership of the factory.

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