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  Captain Ziggs (named)
Island(s) Steamworks Island
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Captain Ziggs is a deceased character in Steamworks Island.


Much like most of the characters on Steamworks Island, all of Captain Ziggs' clothes have a steampunk theme to them.

He wears a steampunk-themed bionic eye attached to his head by a strap, similar to the Binary Bard. He wears a leather baldric over a blue jacket with shoulder plates attached to it and blue pants.

Not much is known about his personality other than he attempted to save the people of Steamworks by lifting the drawbridge separating the town from the plant mutations.


Captain Ziggs was very brave and it was this bravery that forced him to take charge when the Plant Mutations escaped. He used a weed whacker to kill plant mutations as they attempted to get to his people. He quickly raised the drawbridge to slow down the plant mutations and save his people. The plant mutations got through, however, and he was cornered in a secret room in his apartment. The plant mutations unfortunately killed him. There is a picture of him and Mayor Crumb in Mayor Crumb's office which was taken on 05/16 (supposedly 16 May) which is also the code to his secret room. The same picture hangs by the entrance to his secret room and has a lock-like mechanism attached.

Role In Steamworks Island

You can see his skeleton in his secret room lying on the floor, holding a piece of paper that seems to be a page from a journal. You can also find the weed whacker there.



  • He is the second character in Poptropica with a mechanical eye, the first being the Binary Bard.
  • He is one of the only characters in the whole game to actually be dead.
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