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  Balloon Boy (named)
Island(s) Counterfeit Island
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Balloon Boy is a minor character on Counterfeit Island. In addition to this, Balloon Boy appears on many other island quests as a running gag.


Role in Counterfeit Island

After you give Balloon Boy a green balloon, he will float up and away, and will leave you and his sister in horror. After viewing a quick cutscene, a man on Main Street will approach you and ask if you have heard about Balloon Boy. You should then enter the Internet Cafe, and talk to the Orange-Bearded Tourist, who is no longer occupied by his video game.

Role in Reality TV Island

Balloon Boy has a cameo appearance on Reality TV Island, as is shown in the news on the TVs at TV World. Apparently, he is still floating around, and has not reached land yet.

Role in Cryptids Island

During the sneak peek game, you could spot Balloon Boy. In fact you can still occasionally see him next to the fortune hunter in the hot-air balloon.

Role in Ghost Story Island

While searching the newspaper's archives computer for information, you can spot box labeled 'Balloon Boy Articles', which is an obvious reference to Balloon Boy.

Role in Mocktropica

Balloon Boy is mentioned by the Story Generator 2000.

Role in PoptropiCon

A figurine of him makes a cameo in Part 2.

Role in Mystery Train

In Mademoiselle Moreau's suitcase, a small picture of Balloon Boy is in the top right corner - which makes sense, considering she is French.

Role in Balloons

Balloon Boy appears on the start screen of the Balloons multiplayer game on the Poptropica app, floating to the left of the screen. However, his balloon is golden instead of green.



  • Balloon Boy references an actual incident in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • On Counterfeit Island, there is a glitch in which if you pop the green balloon right before you give it to him, he floats up with a red balloon.
  • In the picture you get after he floats away, his hair is black.
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