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Mordred lives!
Goth Girl
Astro knights island.png
Released 2009
Preceded By Big Nate Island
Succeeded By Counterfeit Island


Astro Knights Island is the 9th island and it's a space-related island that was released for Early Access (costs 250 credits) on June 3, 2009 and to the public on June 10 on Poptropica.


Over the course of the game, we learn about Mordred, a brilliant Da Vincian scientist in the Kingdom of Arturus. He was praised for bringing technology to Arturus but started tampering with nature, building cybernetic owls and mice. The king and queen banished him for his act of doing these things. He was locked up in the dungeon, but he escaped and did his work in secret. When the guards caught him, he escaped again into space with an unfinished rocket. Everyone thought he died in space. But the daughter of the king and queen thought otherwise. She joined a group loyal to Mordred and soon after that, the aliens abducted her. Now you must save her from Mordred, who has become a cyborg named Binary Bard.


Common Room

The Common Room on Astro Knights Island is the Crop Circle Inn.


  • This island was briefly mentioned in Back Lot Island when a movie producer says he has an idea for a movie about sci-fi mixed with medieval and your Poptropican claims that it had already been done.
  • The island plot has many resemblances to Lunar Colony:
    • Both of your mission is same: finding a girl that is lost somewhere in outer space.
    • Both missing girls are obsessed with outer space.
    • Both islands take place in outer space.
    • Both islands involve an asteroid belt.
    • Both islands partly take place on the Moon.
    • You will launch and ride a rocket and do it by yourself in both islands.
    • Both of your first vehicles will be break and you will never use it again.
    • Both of your first vehicles will crash and break.
    • Both of your first transportation vehicles will be broken in the middle of your trip (in Astro Knights, your rocket will get damaged if you get hit by alien or get hit by asteroids).
    • Somebody in both islands will send you to rescue a girl that had a relationship with someone related to who sent you.
    • Both island got something to do with alien (in Astro Knights you will meet aliens in Pewter Moon).
    • Both themes are search and rescue.
  • This Island came with the Dark and Earth Astro-Knights.
  • The captive robot alien in the castle dungeon says '01100010 01100001 01110010 01100100' which translates to 'bard' in reference to the Binary Bard.
  • The robot invader being held captive in the dungeon is kept highly confidential, similar to the conspiracy that the American government is holding aliens captive in Area 51.
  • Astro Knights Island seems to have taken place in 1000's, and the 1100's, since those are real Knight era's.
  • It is said to be Poptropica's hardest island.
  • Poptropica released an in-game walkthrough of this island on August 11, 2011. However, this was replaced and removed after the Astro-Knights novel came out.


Astro knights island.png
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