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This is a list of all the dialogue Arthur Eraser says. Feel free to add any missing dialogue.

Page 1, Poptropolis Games

Hahahahaha! Powerless Poptropicans, everything you hold dear will soon be mine. With my Super Eraser and my genius brain, I will steal all of Poptropica for myself. Soon I will have an island of my own: Evil Eraser Island. And it will be filled with all your favorite things, but it will be only for me. I will own it all! And you will have nothing!

So, do you think you can stop me with your feeble pencil that's nowhere near as super as mine? You make me laugh. Hahahahaha! Go on-try to catch me if you can. I dare you. Mwahahahaha!

Page 63, Evil Eraser Island

You may have caught me and taken my giant superpowered eraser, but you can't hold me forever. Look! My cage doesn't even have bars! I'll be back-and you'll be sorry.