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  Abe (named)
Island(s) Ghost Story Island, Zomberry Island
Character Type Indifferent
Gender Male

Abe, better known as Gamer Guy is a laid-back man that appears in Zomberry Island. He likes to spend most of his time playing video games and drinking Valley Rain soda.


Abe appears to be laid-back, and loves video games and horror movies. It is also shown that he loves mint brownies and a type of berry soda called Valley Rain.


Role in Drawn to Life

In the Poptropica TV short "Drawn to Life", Abe gives a detailed description of life story.

Role in Ghost Story Island

On the wall of the bakery in Ghost Story Island, there is a picture of Abe next to the words "I love your mint brownies so much!" He probably took a vacation to New England.

Role in Zomberry Island

Abe appears to be the only civilian who enjoys the Zomberry epidemic, as he can finally play video games without being disturbed. He is one of the only people in Zomberry Island who didn't get turned into a Zomberry as he didn't ingest any blueberries. At the end of the quest, he momentarily laments about the Zomberry epidemic ending, and he later gives chase to Samuel Brains along with Joe Puddy. He is known as Gamer Guy on this island.

Role in Poptropica Creators' Blog

In the promotion of Mocktropica, Abe was hired on the Poptropica Creators' Blog for a short period of time as Captain Crawfish's intern. There, he typed with nearly illiterate "txt talk", and promoted the "Megafightingbots.com" promotional point. He considered Mega Fighting Bots to be a better game than Poptropica, and soon after stating this was fired from his position.


  • After you stop the Zomberry epidemic, strangely Abe will appear in the same place and say the same thing as if the epidemic was still happening.
  • If you click on the TV in Abe's apartment, you can play the game Terror in the Garden, which is almost identical to the minigame at the end of Zomberry Island in which you cure the Zomberries.
  • He is also in some scenes of the Daily Pop as an island tester.
  • On 11 December 2013, he was supposedly hired by Captain Crawfish as an intern on the Creator's Blog. However, he was eventually fired after a few posts. This was most likely a joke by the Creators.
  • He is considered Captain Crawfish's intern on the Creator's Blog.
  • He is seen very rarely as an extra in Poptropicon: Line Forms Here!
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